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Just In: Leaders In Congress Are Ready To File Charges Against HILLARY CLINTON


Leaders in congress are ready to file charges against Hillary Clinton.  Even though Hillary Clinton clearly put America’s national security at huge risk by using her email server, President Barack Obama’s department of justice refused to file criminal charges against her. Pissed of that situation, the leader of the House Oversight …

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VIDEO: President-Elect Donald Trump Met With Rapper Kanye West at Trump Tower Today


Trump and West stopped briefly before cameras as the president-elect called the rapper a “good man.” “We’ve been friends for a long time,” Trump said. “We discussed life.” Asked whether he had any comments about his meeting with Trump, West said, “I just want to take a picture right now.” …

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UK Diplomat: I’ve Met the DNC Wikileaks Leaker and the Person Is an Insider – Not Russian


According to thegatewaypundit In early November Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told reporter John Pilger in an exclusive interview that it wasn’t Russia who hacked into the DNC and Clinton staff emails. Assange went on to say he “felt sorry” for Hillary Clinton. Today former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray, who …

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WATCH: Radical Islamists In Office PANIC, Trump Announces House Cleaning!


According to worldpoliticus Barack Obama certainly made sure that through his years of ruling he made the Islamists happy, and even invited people related to the Muslim Brotherhood to penetrate the government and take our jobs. This later on became national security threat, but was quickly dismissed due to allegations of “racism” and …

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In Day 3 of Wisconsin recount as massive fraud uncovered! Hillary loses thousands of votes. They should have just accepted the results of the election and kept their mouths shut. Trump won Wisconsin by over 22,000 votes in Wisconsin but thanks to Jill Stein a recount is currently underway. So far the recount has made …

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Obama Is Pissed After Donald Trump Announced Rudy Giuliani’s Position In His New Cabinet


This news will make millions of people happy for sure, including us, but not Barack Obama. He is pissed. It’ll also surely make some liberals angry, which makes us even more happy. Rudy Giuliani has been vocal about Donald Trump leading America back from the brink of PC culture, racist …

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Obama Makes A Fool Of Himself In Front Of Millions


Barack Obama falls for fake news story, makes a fool of himself publicly in front of millions. That’s not hard for him to do. Barack Obama, who has been attacking right-wing news outlets and blogs for supposedly posting “fake news,” otherwise known as the truth about him and his waste of time administration, …

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BREAKING: Hillary Must Answer The One Question She Fears The Most


Hillary Clinton thought that her Benghazi nightmare was over after she lost. She didn’t expect one of the survivors, John “TIG” Tiegen, to call her out on her lies. Benghazi hero John Tig Tiegen has been one of the fiercest critics of Hillary Clinton this election, and for good reason. …

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This is a Incredible Response Ever. Look How CHRISTIAN SPEAKER Shut Up a Muslim Law Student.


This is a Incredible Response Ever. Look How CHRISTIAN SPEAKER Shut Up a Muslim Law Student. Brigitte Gabriel, an American journalist, author, social commentator, and activist answers the question, “Why fight an ideology with weapons while most Muslims are peaceful?” Gabriel knows her statistics and gives voice to what many …

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Just In: Former Democratic Congressman Chaka Fattah Gets Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Chaka Fattah

Just a typical Politician….he got caught though. Someone said “sad and depressing” Why….He should be in jail along with his son. Chaka Fattah was convicted in June on a number of federal corruption charges, including bribery, racketeering, money laundering, bank fraud, mail and wire fraud, and filing false statements. The …

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