[VIDEO] Jim Brown: ‘I fell in love with’ Trump after today’s meeting


According to washingtonexaminer     NFL icon and civil rights leader Jim Brown, a former Hillary Clinton supporter, sang President-elect Trump’s praises after meeting with him at Trump Tower earlier Tuesday, and predicted Trump would stay in office two terms. “He’s going to be our man for the next four years …

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Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Bribe FBI Agents To Let Her Go, Exposed By Jason Chaffetz


According to worldpoliticus The liberal and mainstream media enjoys to spoil, distribute misinformation, and ensure that the United States knows she is the best decision for this country. However, there are those of us who are reasonable enough to know the truth, and Jason Chaffetz is one of them.   Chaffets …

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JUST IN – Congress Gives Trump Magic Wand To Erase Obama’s Legacy Forever


According to worldnewspolitics The battle over Obama’s failed legacy is now over. It will be erased from the fabric of the country forever. Congress has said they will use the Congressional Review Act to eliminate Obama’s last-minute orders.  All Trump must do is sign the bill to wipe Obama’s failed legacy from …

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[Video] Awesome America First Video Posted By Barron Trump

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump hugs his son Barron as wife Melania watches during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

According to: worldnewspolitics The old saying the apple doesn’t fall from the tree definitely applies with Donald and Barron Trump. 10-year-old Barron just posted an impassioned plea to keep our schools English only. I am sure he is not worried about his school, although it is in the liberal bastion of …

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BREAKING NEWS: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Opened an Investigation Into Forged Documents From the Obama White House


Finally, Sheriff Arpaio opened an investigation into forged documents from the obama White House. Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after conducting several investigations into Obama, will soon be revealing the findings of his digging. His intent was not to find out where Obama was born, but to get to the bottom of …

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10 Year Old Barron Trump Just Posted an Impassioned Plea to Keep Our Schools English Only


Barron is very handsome. Hope he grows up to be as good and kind as his siblings I am sure he is not worried about his school, although it is in the liberal bastion of New York City. Roughly 30 states in America recognize English as their official language. The remaining …

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BREAKING: Barack Obama RefusingTo Leave Office: “I Cannot, In Good Conscience, Cede The Presidency To Donald Trump”


Obama refusing to leave office: “I cannot, in good conscience, cede the presidency to Donald Trump”.|  WASHINGTON, D.C. (NYJ) — President Barack Obama told reporters today that he will invoke a little-known executive order which allows him to stay in office indefinitely, denying president-elect Donald Trump the presidency. “I cannot, in …

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The CIA and other intelligence agencies have concluded with “high confidence” that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help elect Donald Trump, and not just to undermine the United States political process as previously suspected. The talk that Russia interfered in the election between President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton …

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TERRIBLE News For Hillary! Wikileaks Just Revealed Who Leaked Her Emails


Terrible news for Hillary! Wikileaks just revealed who leaked her emails. If you’ve kept up with the news the past week, all you’ve heard is the left whining and crying about how Russia hacked the DNC and leaked Hillary’s e-mails thus costing them the election. Their only “proof” of a Russian …

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