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Trump Poses For Pic With Boy At Arlington & Everyone Immediately Noticed One Shocking Thing In It

According to thestreamus:

Trump Poses For Pic With Boy At Arlington & Everyone Immediately Noticed One Shocking Thing In It.

President Donald Trump’s first Memorial Day as president proved the vast difference between him and his predecessor. The brave men and women who fought and died for this country were finally honored by our leadership in a way they deserve, as Trump exuded pride and appreciation for our military and country that’s been absent from Washington, D.C. for eight years.

As the ceremonies wound down and Trump spent some time at Arlington Cemetery, he was asked for a picture by a little boy. Being one of the most approachable presidents in history, Trump didn’t hesitate to oblige the boy’s request. However, as soon as the Memorial Day snapshot hit the Internet, everyone immediately noticed one shocking thing in it on closer look.

Trump’s time at Arlington Cemetery yesterday for the Memorial Day ceremony was well documented by the liberal media who negatively focused on the fact that he sang along with the National Anthem. While they were consumed in hate and criticism for our patriotic president, Trump was more concerned with this specific little boy rather than paying attention to the opinions of irrelevant people. The reason for his attention was captured in this powerful photo and we now know why it didn’t get the airtime occupied by other things.

Those who joined the president for the ceremony yesterday were families of fallen American heroes. Trump didn’t just make an appearance and send a general wave out to everyone there that day. He spent one-on-one time with many of them, including this little boy who lost his father in war for which Trump had something very special and specific he wanted to tell him.

For the first time, this boy was told by the Commander-in-Chief himself that his father did not die for this country in vain and the son he leaves behind isn’t forgotten. “Your father would be so proud of you,” Trump told the child. He stood beside him with his arm around the boy as if he was his own grandson and warmly treated as such as he spoke encouraging words to him and praise for his father’s service and sacrifice.

This sincere conversation came after a moving Memorial Day address Trump had just given to the nation in front of these special families who got to hear it and feel it in person.

NBC4 reports:

“President Donald Trump expressed his nation’s ‘boundless and undying’ gratitude Monday to Americans who have fallen in battle and to the families they left behind, hailing as heroes the hundreds of thousands buried at Arlington National Cemetery.”

“In his first Memorial Day remarks as president, Trump told the stories of two soldiers who died in Afghanistan, Green Beret Capt. Andrew D. Byers of Colorado Springs and Christopher D. Horton of the Oklahoma National Guard, as Byers’ parents and Horton’s widow looked on.”

“Of them and all who died in military service, he said: ‘Words cannot measure the depth of their devotion, the purity of their love or the totality of their courage’.”

The last two Memorial Day ceremonies before this one felt like a mockery of our military and for America since it was delivered by a man who routinely disregarded soldiers and their service. Barack Obama wasn’t concerned with fortifying the greatest military in the world, he financially stripped them down to the point where they had to retrieve parts needed to repair military aircraft from a junk yard.

This was in addition to his eight-year habit of not saluting soldiers who were saluting him while standing post at Air Force One and Marine One. When a hero would die, Obama wouldn’t even address it. However, if a thug was killed in the commission of a crime by a cop, Obama’s number one priority immediately became avenging the criminal’s death. When terrorists killed soldiers, Obama pulled boots off the ground and gave money to the enemy – Trump responds with hellfire when this happens now.

This picture of our president with a boy who lost his dad in war shows the difference of priorities in Commander-in-Chiefs. Trump cares about those who serve and protect us and the families they leave behind. Obama only cared about the ones doing the harm and not those risking their lives to protect Americans from it.

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Source: thestreamus

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