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Chelsea Clinton Got Totally Destroyed by Ivanka Trump

In this live video for Glamour magazine and fielded questions about the election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump you will see Chelsea Clinton’s answer when she was asked about Ivanka Trump’s speech and how Donald Trump would be good for women, Chelsea said this: “Given it’s not something that he has spoken about, there are no policies on any of those fronts that you just mentioned on his website—not last week, not this week, so I think the, How? question is super important. In politics as it is in life.”

Here’s the full interview with two other Liberals including the nearly intolerable Lena Dunham. Watch if you can stomach it.

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact that her answer to the question was another question or that she was deflecting because she didn’t know what humanly he could do? Maybe she should look at her own mother for an example. Hillary, and this is a fact, paid women on her staff on average 20-25% less than the men. WOOPS!

I think we can ask the Clintons the same question actually. When it comes to women’s equality how do you intend to make that happen, Hillary? Because you sure as hell haven’t given us any reason to think you’ll do it any better, nor have you given any polices of your own.

The other part of the video (10 minute mark) is where Chelsea thinks the GOP isn’t in touch with reality. This, of course, is coming from a Liberal millionaire who was given a job paying $900,000 a year, that grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth protected by the Secret Service. If that isn’t out of touch with reality, I’m not sure what is. Trump, with all his wealth, is probably more in touch with reality with them for the simple fact that he was out there in the real world getting work done. His children had to do the dirty work and not rely on others to provide for them, which is why they’re all immensely successful now.

Sure, he’s a Billionaire, but he made that himself, where as the Clintons have utilized their charity to exploit millions in tax breaks and backroom deals. What were you doing, Chelsea? Going to school on a free ride because of your name and living in the White House as a child – yeah, sounds really down to earth if you ask me.

Here’s what Ivanka actually thinks on the matter, by the way.  Watch the interview.

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