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Hillary Clinton’s Plan To Bribe FBI Agents To Let Her Go, Exposed By Jason Chaffetz

According to worldpoliticus

The liberal and mainstream media enjoys to spoil, distribute misinformation, and ensure that the United States knows she is the best decision for this country. However, there are those of us who are reasonable enough to know the truth, and Jason Chaffetz is one of them.


Chaffets is the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Chairman who told the person who erased Hillary’s private email server that he was served on the air. Recently he has served up a savage threat to Clinton and she is is crossing fingers.


Chaffetz confirmed it will hold further hearings on Hillary’s email server after members return from recess.


New FBI files that were released on Monday show Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy forcing the FBI to declassify emails in exchange for a “quid pro quo” arrangement – an action that Chaffetz and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes found truly distressful.


“Undoubtedly there will be, based on the documents the FBI released today there are new facts that need to be investigated. I’m very concerned about the quid pro quo that was in negotiation between the State Department and the FBI,” said Chaffetz for the The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Chairman Nunes and I believe Patrick Kennedy should be relieved of his duties immediately pending an investigation. This is a manipulation if not an outright crime and so we’re gonna drive into that.”


While the downgrade discussed among the agency operatives was not realized, the congressmen were sure the proposal was out of order.


Source:  worldpoliticus

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