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The American People Showed Unseen TRUST In Trump. This is STUNNING!

The media wants you to believe America hates Trump, but just wait til you see what happened today. The American people today showed unseen trust in president elect Donald Trump.

While mainstream media is making their last efforts to represent Trump as a man that will screw America in order to scare Liberals, some even went extremely radical saying that Trump will even ruin American economy. Guess what media. America is not buying it!

It looks like the American people are actually pretty impressed with the estimated number of over 70,000 new jobs Trump has negotiated to create since winning the election.

CNBC report…

…42% of Americans now believe Trump will begin fixing the economy by next year!!

Watch the VIDEO: Donald Trump ‘I will be greatest jobs president God ever created’.

Obama may have preached hope and change, but all he gave us is despair and hate. President Trump is acting like a Good president should, and with our help he will Make America Great again!!

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