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What Trump have to say to Paul Ryan, it makes you laugh

Paul Ryan thought he was gonna give President elect Donald Trump orders. He mess with a wrong person. He apparently has issues with Donald Trump subverting the old-school method of calling a press conference ever time you have something you think the American people need to hear and using social media instead. In a meeting at Trump Tower Tuesday afternoon, Paul Ryan tried to treat the President-Elect Donald Trump like a child, scolding him about his tweet about Air Force One being too expensive.

Lucy Shmarkelian, a low-level manager for the Trump Foundation who happened to be in Trump’s penthouse working with Melania, told a reporter for In Touch Magazine that the exchange between the two men was quite a site to behold.

“Ryan looked at Donald Trump with that condescending gaze of his and Trump just raised an eyebrow, let out a ‘pffft’ and walked away.”

Ryan then made a big mistake: he called the President – Elect “Donald” and used Hillary Clinton’s infamous Twitter line, “Delete your account.” That didn’t sit well with the future Commander-in-Chief. Trump walked back towards Ryan and gave him a dose of reality:

“Are you kidding me?” said Trump, “The only reason you still have a job is because I allowed you to win. I make one phone call and your career is over.”

Ryan stormed out of the building like a toddler who just had his favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle taken from him.

It looks like we choose the right guy to be our President. He knows how to settle up people like Paul Ryan.

Tell us what do you think about this? Do you agree with Donald J. Trump.

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