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Look What Nato Promised to Donald Trump Today. He is soo Happy

NATO just gave Donald J. Trump the best news possible, and America is going INSANE with joy!! Donald Trump is happy about this too. Look what makes everybody happy.

Remember how the liberals kept whining and complaining about how Donald J. Trump was gonna “destroy our alliances” and “ruin the world economy”? Yeah, well Donald Trump just served them up a heaping helping of HUMBLE PIE!

In a totally unexpected move this morning, the Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg announced that Donald Trump is RIGHT to demand NATO members pay more for defense.

Donald Trump pointed out earlier this year that the US was bleeding money every year we are in NATO because most member countries REFUSE to pay the 2% GDP required and instead make the US pick up the slack.

Jens Stoltenberg, who is the head of NATO, said he agrees with Donald J. Trump 100% and that the other members need to either pay up or get out if they want the US to stay.


Hey, this is perfect. Donald J. Trump never wanted to end our alliances. He knows how important they are for our country. He just wanted to let the LEACHES know that their free ride is OVER!

Watch the VIDEO here. 

So already Donald J. Trump has managed to make Ford stay in the US, Apple relocate phone assembly to the US, and renegotiate a sustainable contract with NATO. This is a REAL president!!

I am swelling with American Pride right now. If you feel the same please share this post on all social networks and leave your comment below. Tell us what do you think about this article?

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