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Trump Just Did Something Amazing For US Military

If you ever wondered what a military led by Donald J. Trump would look like, here it is. Our service men and women did one AWESOME thing that will have you cheering from the rooftops!

Ever since he first took office eight long years ago, Barack Obama has made no secret of the fact that he has no respect for our troops.

He showed this by only attending the annual Army/Navy football once, choosing to skip it the seven other years he was in office.

Donald Trump, however, is making the military a major priority during his presidency.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Trump is putting Obama to shame by attending the 117th Army/Navy game on Saturday in Baltimore.

There, the Navy Midshipmen (9-3) will take on the Army Black Knights (6-5) in an event that gives everyone in America the opportunity to show their support for the military.


Obama hasn’t attended the army/navy game since 2011, and while he sent Joe Biden in 2012, nobody in his administration has attended since then.

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Source: conservativepost

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