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Pence Knows How To Show True Statesman Honor To Our Vets Unlike Obama

What a truly honorable, respectful and kind man Pence is. He shows Obama how to show true statesman honor to our vet. He is a great pick by Donald Trump.

The first thing he did when he took control of Trump’s transition team was to get rid of all the lobbyists and put new rules in place that guarantee lobbyists will have zero influence in the Trump admin.

Contrast that will Obama who made speeches about getting rid of lobbyists but never actually took action.

Another big contrast between Pence and Obama is on the proper way to honor our vets.

Obama always chose big affairs that really honored him, not the vets, such is his arrogance.

So I am hoping Barack was watching how Mike pence chose to honor our vets.

Pence showed up unannounced Wed at a WWII memorial. Because he did not want to be a distraction. He wanted to honor the vets not himself.

An official said,

“Pence wanted to sit in the audience and not be recognized.”

“He wanted his presence to be a gesture of respect to the veterans in attendance.”

“If the event was placed on the Vice President-elect’s official schedule, Secret Service would have had to lockdown the entire area, subjecting the veterans in attendance, some in wheelchairs, to metal detectors and other invasive security procedures.”

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Source:  worldnewspolitics


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